Check out some of the creative and humorous signs we've seen over the years.

UNION, NJ – Students at St. Michael’s Parish School celebrated a new school sign and repaired flagpole on Friday morning, Veterans Day.

Living Hope Fellowship out of Ortonville, MN selected Buy Direct Signs for their recent church sign purchase.  We had a chance to work face to face with them because they are only about an...

First Baptist Church out of Dawsonville, GA selected our company for this unique LED Sign project.  Here you can see the before picture of their existing sign.  We were able to show the church a conceptual drawing of what it would look like by adding on an LED unit to the top of their brick structure.  They selected our E-Series, Daktronics sign, because of its wireless capabilities and it’s longstanding quality history.  Turned out great and everyone is pleased!

Central Baptist Church chose a 5x8 sign, which is our AS58-MMT.  MMT stands for Monument Mount.  Here we show the sign lit up in our production facility.  They were able to incorporate some nice landscaping around the sign.  Beautiful sign that is sure to capture the attention of many people, for many many years. 

St. Stephen Lutheran Church selected an AS46-PMT sign.  This sign has a unique look to the top of it, with a decorative trim.  It’s a nice touch that adds some character to the sign.  It’s fun to see our finished product and a happy congregation huddled around a sign in New Kingstown, PA that we made here in Watertown, SD... Only 1375 miles away!

As a custom sign manufacturer, we were able to meet the needs required for Mount Hope Lutheran Church out of Bloomington, MN.  Their city zoning code allowed for a slight angle in their sign...

Roman Catholic Church of Saint John incorporated our Series A Sign into a brick monument structure.  We provide templates for mounting our signs with every purchase, so your church or school can mount the sign into just about any kind of material or structure needed, given there is proper support.

Union County High School, home of the Panthers, selected Buy Direct Signs for a unique project by placing a sign on top of a brick structure.  This sign actually replaced an existing sign and we were able to match up the plates and reuse a lot of what was currently there.  This saved the customers a lot of money from having to redo the mounting legs and start from scratch.