Mark Stein, President

Years of experience:
36 years

What you can expect:
To receive the highest value in advertising and brand identification for your investment.

Favorite part of the job:
Receiving compliments from satisfied clients about our products, services, and team members.

Stuart Stein, Vice President

Years of Experience: 5 years

What you can expect
When choosing our company, you can expect prompt, honest, and reliable information. We pride ourselves on being the sign experts and will provide you with a sign that will last for years.

Favorite part of the job
The excitement from our customers when their sign is installed. 

Mary Palmer Meuer, Sales

Years of Experience: 30+ Years of Sales and Customer Service 
Work: 866-268-5408 | Direct: 605-753-8233| Email: 

What you can expect from me:
You can expect a creative, yet detailed and organized partner to help you get the perfect sign that will endure the test of time.

Favorite part of the job:
Building relationships with my customers. The best part of my job is helping customers through the creative process of designing their perfect sign and then seeing the final result when our customers see their ideas turned into reality.

Jackie Jorgenson, Account Service Representative

Years of Experience: 21 years

What you can expect from me: 
For 21 years, I have given my all to ensuring that our customers are taken care of by providing them timely and accurate information.  I want you to have all of the facts so that you feel comfortable purchasing from our company.  You can count on me doing the best I can for you, our customer.

Favorite part of the job:
Being a sales coordinator I don’t get the chance to actually talk to our customer’s very often but when I do…I don’t want to hang up the  phone.  It is so awesome to talk to people that are excited about our products and our company!   I love to please the people and make this a great experience.