Mark Stein, President

Years of experience:
36 years

What you can expect:
To receive the highest value in advertising and brand identification for your investment.

Favorite part of the job:
Receiving compliments from satisfied clients about our products, services, and team members.

Stuart Stein, General Manager

Years of Experience: 2 years
Work: 605-753-8212 | Email:

What you can expect
When choosing our company, you can expect prompt, honest, and reliable information. We pride ourselves on being the sign experts and will provide you with a sign that will last for years.

Favorite part of the job
The excitement from our customers when their sign is installed. 

Jackie Jorgenson, Account Service Representative

Years of Experience: 21 years

What you can expect from me: 
For 21 years, I have given my all to ensuring that our customers are taken care of by providing them timely and accurate information.  I want you to have all of the facts so that you feel comfortable purchasing from our company.  You can count on me doing the best I can for you, our customer.

Favorite part of the job:
Being a sales coordinator I don’t get the chance to actually talk to our customer’s very often but when I do…I don’t want to hang up the  phone.  It is so awesome to talk to people that are excited about our products and our company!   I love to please the people and make this a great experience.

Amanda Schmeling, Sales

Years of Experience: 1 year
Work: 866-268-5408 | Direct: 605-753-8211 | Email:

What you can expect from me:
Prompt attention and hard work. I will go above and beyond for you to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Favorite part of the job:
Seeing and hearing from customers after the sign has been installed is so rewarding!  I love my job because of the people I get to talk to each and every day.   I love having happy and satisfied customers!!